Timnah Sommerfeldt - Children Of The Drum

Timnah Sommerfeldt has her homebase in Basel near the French-Swiss-German border triangle. Her parents run the sophisticated jazz club Zack, where jazz artists like Maceo Parker, Eddie Palmieri and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins have played live. Thus, Timnah’s relation to music has grown in a natural way, and playing the djembe helped her develop her sense for rhythms and grooves. So she didn’t need much introduction when she got her first mixer and 1200 MK II decks in 2004.

Due to her special family heritage, Timnah draws inspiration from handmade and real records. Although she’s only in her mid twenties, her playlists makes you expect an old hand that has been actively DJing since the ‘90s.

She recently released her debut 12" on Balance Alliance which is definitely very worth to check. So watch out and be prepared for this deep and soulful exclusive guest mix.

Florian Kupfer - Refuse
The Revenge - Forever In Their Debt (Red Rack'em Remix)
Map.ache - Tel Aviv
Linkwood -Electricity
Sanasol -Tambourine Man (Original)
Berkson & What - In Person
Delano Smith -A Special Kind
Chez Damier - Untitled
Kerri Chandler - Downtown (Dark Mix)

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haubrecht said...

well done, timnah!!! :) not special, but kool solid and brilliant mix! nice flow! i like it...

Anonymous said...

if its not special ,you dont have to mention that in a comment man.keep it by yourself man.

Anonymous said...

yeah man.

Anonymous said...

if you read correct, you see he made a compliment. and "not special" is not a diss!!

dfhwze said...
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dfhwze said...

Simple, deep and underrated tracks. Makes it a pretty special mix